The weekend of Oct 26-28th we headed out West about 3 hours to visit our best friends in Abilene. 
I took off work that Friday because we had to be in Abilene by 4 for an event. Nathan and I took Mason to school that morning so that he could eat lunch and have an active day before our 3 hour trip. Nathan and I went to breakfast and did a little shopping and then back home to load up. We picked up Mason from school at 11:15 and got on the road. Our plan worked pretty well - pick up Mason right before naptime so that he would nap in the car.  He napped about 2 of the 3 hour drive. Yay! 

We rented a little cabin at a KOA park about 12 miles from where our friends lived. With 3 toddlers and different sleep/nap schedules we just thought it would be best to get our own little place for the weekend. We went straight there to get our keys and unload a few things from our car. Our cabin was incredibly cute!!

I honestly think they gave us the best spot in the whole park! Right across from the restrooms, underneath a shady Pecan tree, and right across from an adorable wooden bridge. We let Mason run off some energy before loaded up to head to the Browers.

That afternoon/evening we took the kids to a Halloween party at Trent's Squadron on base (Air Force). The kids got to dress up in costume and "Trick or Treat" at all of the offices in the Squadron! Then they had a potluck in the bar area. Oh and they had a Pinata for the kids. It was Mason's first experience with a Pinata. He had so much fun.
Fireman and Bumble Bee

How cute are they?!?!

Afro Circus, Afro Circus, Polka Dot, Polka Dot!!!

He looks so big!
 The next morning we got up, let Mason play outside some more and then headed to get breakfast. We did a little site-seeing around Abilene while the Brower kids napped. Then we all regrouped and headed to Kloe's soccer game. Mason enjoyed it. He even kicked the ball around a little and was actually really good at dribbling the soccer ball with his feet!

After the soccer game we headed to the Abilene Zoo for Boo at the Zoo. Mason was so excited when we got there because there were 2 firetrucks. We took him over to see them and the Fireman showed our little 'Fireman' so much attention. They told Mason that his costume was cool and that it was just like theirs. It was awesome! They put him in the truck and let me take a few pictures, too!

Showing Mason that his helmet was the exact same!

We had to wait in an incredibly long line, but it was worth it. The kids enjoyed visiting all the booths and getting treats. Mason went up to all of the characters and wasn't scared one bit.

Sunday morning we headed home. Nathan and I had a million things we needed to do at home. Bummer!

But we had a great trip as always. We love Abilene.



  1. So fun! Love that little cabin.
    Great pictures.. Thanks for sharing Mama :)

  2. looks like ya'll had a great visit & like you said the cabin was precious!


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