{Texas Tuesday - Oma's Jiffy Burger}

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Masons Mama
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If you are ever in Waxahachie I suggest that you try Oma's Jiffy Burger!! It's a cute little Burger joint that's been a Waxahachie favorite since 1970. 

Mason gives it a Thumbs Up!!!

The inside is adorable. I love the small-town diner feel! Although, those seats fill up fast. they recently built on a patio area in the back and it's pretty amazing. There are about 8 picnic tables under shelter and then a few other tables that aren't covered. They have flat screen tv's cute memorabilia. I will let you guess where we always sit!

Their burgers are pretty small, so hubby gets a 4x4 - 4 meats, 4 slices of cheese. Every man's dream, right? I settle for the single. Oh and it's the only place where I will eat lettuce and tomato on my burger. Strange, I know. But it just all flows. 

Mason loves their grilled cheese, hamburgers, playing in the fountain in the back and visiting the Fire Station next door!

It's so fun taking pictures with him these days!!

Watching College football

Hiding from a bumble bee!

You will not be disappointed.


  1. sweet boy!!!!! I need to come to Waxahachie and get me a burger :)

  2. THAT looks like a REAL hamburger (not a cookie cutter frozen who knows what's been added burger). :-)

  3. The burger photo makes my mouth water.

  4. How cute! I love the patio area. Of course Mason is cute like always! Ill have to tell my uncle about it, he loves burgerjoints like that.

  5. How fun!!! This looks like a great place for sure!
    I am in love with that little Mason. He is so stink'n precious.
    Better prepare for dating days. YIKES!

    And, I love his tennis shoes. Please share where you got them. I think my Dav needs a pair from Santa! :)



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