{That time our chickens jumped out of the back of the truck...in town}

The other day I read something that totally reminded me of the time our chickens jumped out of our truck...in the middle of town!

We had only lived in Waxahachie for a year or less and went to town for a few things. At the time Nate was driving a truck that had a tool box in the back. In between the tool box and the bed of the truck there was probably a 1.5 ft gap. Why is this important? You'll see later...

Let me set the scene - 

- Saturday morning
- A parade had just let out
- People everywhere
- Nate just so happened to be wearing overalls

We ran all of our errands and had been in town for probably an hour or so. We were at a stop light and I look in my mirror..."Oh my gosh honey, there are chickens running around in the middle of the road behind us!!" Nate - "What? Wait, are those our chickens?" Me - YES!!!!!! Oh my goodness. 
The chickens had been sleeping underneath the tool box. An hour and many stops later they finally decide to jump out??? They couldn't have done it when we were oh say, at the Feed Store? Not with our luck!
So, we pulled into the gas station and Nate {in his overalls} starts chasing these chickens. He had quite the audience. Especially when the chickens decided to give him a wild goose chase throughout the Church's Chicken parking lot!! The cooks just so happened to be out on a smoke break and caught the whole thing. They found it quite hilarious!!! I wanted to crawl into the floorboard of the truck and hide. 
After about a 30-45 minute chase Nathan finally caught 2 of the three. What happened to the third? Oh, some old man scooped him up with a fishing net, threw him in a box in the back of his truck and took off with him. 
5 years later and we still laugh every time we pass that intersection and the Church's Chicken.


  1. This made me laugh! What a scene. Happy Friday! I hope you enjoy your weekend.


  2. Oh my goodness!!! I seriously laughed out loud at this! And for them to be running around Church's Chicken is just too ironic. Ha! Great post :)

    I'm your newest follower from the blog hop and can't wait to get to know you better. Hope you'll follow back at ashareyes.blogspot.com

  3. Holy crap that is hilarious!! I would have died. And I can't believe that man took one of them haha. You totally just made my Friday.

  4. oh my what a story! thanks for sharing. the way you described it i got a pretty good mental picture of the chickens everywhere

  5. So funny! I can totally picture this funny scene, and in front of Church's Chicken - haha!

  6. Bahahaha! This is fantastic!!! I cant believe someone swiped one though!lol

  7. I'm dying! This is too funny! I can only imagine that scene. I can't believe someone scooped up one of your chickens and took off with her!


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