{He said what?!? V5}

Another round of things Mason says...

8/1 -  

Me - Mason, Mommy's belly hurts

Mase - let me see

{I show him}

Mase - uh huh, it's hurt

Umm, thanks??! Lol


8/4 - While playing in his sandbox I asked him to say cheese for the camera...he says,

"No ma'am, I am trying to clean"


8/5 - Mason decided he was going to start calling me "Honey"

{pretending} "I'm going to the store, okay Honey?"
"I'm driving my tractor, Honey"


8/8 - while driving home from school

Mase - "I want to go on vacation"
Me - "Me too baby, me too"
Mase - "Go Mommy, Go!"

{5 minutes later}

Mase -"I want to go to the zoo and ride the animals. Do you want to ride Mommy?"
Me - "Sure baby" 
Mase - "You can't, you're too big"



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  1. hehe, how cute! My son also calls my husband and I honey.

  2. he is so cute...you will be so glad you wrote this stuff down...my mom did this in my baby book!

  3. What kids say are just hilarious!


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