{Night Terrors - Go Away!}

Night Terrors...
Catch up on how they affect Mason here.
While I wish that I could write and say that they're gone and that we don't have to deal with them. But, that's not the case this time. I wanted to get this documented in hopes that this is my last time I ever have to write about them.

10/26 - Night terror - only lasted about 2-3 minutes. Crying and twisting in bed. We were able to calm him and soothe him back to bed easily.

10/27 - Night terror - only lasted about 2-3 minutes. Crying and twisting in bed. Again, we were able to calm him and soothe him back to bed easily.
11/7 - Night terror - lasting about 5 minutes. Crying, twisting, kicking, hitting, screaming no. Went back to sleep fairly easy/quickly. Heart-wrenching. {also for documentation sake, this was the night Obama was re-elected! Ironic, much?}
While these night terrors still rip my heart out and make me sad for my sweet boy, I am truly thankful they seem to have calmed down a bit!! I pray this is a good sign!!


  1. Ky had two of them last night - :( awful

  2. oh my gosh! Olivia has been getting these too!! It is SO SO awful!! Sometimes we can't calm her down for an HOUR!!! Last night she was asleep for an hour then woke up screaming and it took me 30 minutes to calm her down and back to sleep and then 2 hours later she was up again and we couldn't calm her down so we put cartoons on for her and let her stay up until almost 11!! :(

  3. Oh poor baby! I didn't know that little kids got those! I remember having a couple of nightmares, but I was closer to 10. I hope Mason outgrows them soon. How sad that must be to watch! Have a good weekend.

  4. Oh my gosh Crystal. :(
    Daven wakes up screaming very rarely, but when he does it's just crazy.

    You have to also realize that this kid is hard to put to bed. It's never easy. We actually take him to an herbalist and she stated that he does have candida in his body. Candida is a bad yeast that can cause crazy things in people. It affects Daven's sleeping patterns. He's been on a cleanse and probiotic and it has done wonders. He takes an herb that is called a Stress J that relieves some of those stresses that bad yeast create. Some people do not believe in and Herbalist, but I'm a firm believer b/c she's been a God sent to my family.

    When he wakes up, though, constantly wonder what he's dreaming about. But, as soon as Dav hears our voice he's ok. We got walky-talkies so we could just grab it off our night stand and say "Shh, it's ok baby, go back to sleep." and, for now that works well.

    What does your PED say? This breaks my heart.


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!