{ETC - 2.9.12}

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I'm not going to lie...parenting has been extremely hard lately.
Mason has reached the fit throwing stage.
Well, at least I hope it's only a stage {and a really small one}.
It could be his teeth; molars are coming in.
But seeing that he's {this} close to TWO years old....I think it might be the beginning of terrible twos.
Lord help us!
He is testing Daddy and I like crazy these days.
And he knows it.
And when he doesn't get his way?
A huge fit is to be had.
He's already banged his head on the wall and bit his tongue during his little fit throwing tantrums.

But those moments in between?
Are pure sweetness!
His little cuddles...the ones where he hugs you a little tighter and showers you with kisses...I know those are his way of saying
"Sorry Mommy"!
And it's all I need. All.I.need.


  1. It really is a stage. I remember wondering what happened to my sweet little boy when he turned into a tantrum throwing little 18 month old. But he's much better now at 3 years old. My 14 month old is starting to have little tantrums..haha here we go again!

  2. Cute pictures of you and your son Mason, I hope this season of tantrums passes quickly. My son Judah just turned 14 months and I think he is testing the tantrum waters...


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