{Bass Pro Shop and a $2 Bill}

A couple weekends ago we met some of my relatives from Paris, TX in Garland for some shopping at Bass Pro Shop, visiting and lunch. 
We absolutely love Bass Pro Shop and jump on any invite to go there.
We had a group of about 16 so needless to say, we were there a couple hours.

Nate, Mason and I ventured off a bit to go look at something specific while the rest of the group was still looking at boats.
I was busy occupying Mason while Nate was looking at pants and belts.
They had a tent set up so I put Mason inside of it to play. {he loves tents}
I noticed this older lady watching Mason and I.
Eventually she walked over and started talking to us.
She asked the typical questions; his name, age and if he was our only one.
And then she asked me if I had a baby book for him at home.
I told her yes ma'am I do and she asked if she could give me something to put in it for him.
Of course I said Yes ma'am!

She handed me a $2 dollar bill and said - "Since he's about to be 2 years old I want to give him this. He is just too cute and sweet and I couldn't pass him up".
How sweet is this?
My heart completely melted!! 
One of the nicest encounters I've had with a stranger. Ever!
And the cool part?
I have a $2 bill in my baby book that my papa gave me when I was turning two!
Pretty sure it was a God thing!!


  1. how cute Crystal! My parents used to give us silver dollars and $2 bills when the tooth fairy came and I have them all saved up.

  2. I love the restaurant at Bass Pro! Their dessert is amazing:)

    I love just incredibly nice people. Always seems to make everyone's days a little brighter around them.


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