{Mason Update}

It's been a while since I have done a "Mason Update"...so this may get long and might be all over the place. But, I want all of this documented!! So here goes:

From his 18 month well check up:
Weight - 25.4 lbs
Height - 32.5 in
Head - 19 in

Shirts - some 24 months but mostly 2/3t
Jeans - 18 months {getting small}, 24 months and 2t
Pajamas - 24 months, 2,3 and some 4t
Shoes - 6 or 7, depends on shoe
Size 5 diaper {still hates diaper changes}

4 on top
4 on bottom
4 molars {I think more are coming in now} 

Still random. Sometimes eats like a horse and sometimes like a bird.
Favorites are grilled cheese, rice, beans, cheese enchiladas, Macaroni & cheese
Favorite snacks - marshmallows, fish crackers, raisins.
Favorite drinks - milk, sprite and apple juice

Mason's vocab is actually quite large. He's saying 5-7 word sentences and will repeat anything you tell him to. 

a little over 2 hours M-F at school
weekends are random. We try to keep you on your school schedule, but that never happens. {except the part where you still wake at the butt crack of dawn} 

- Bath time is still your favorite. I love it too, but it can be quite the chore. You never want to get out...so Daddy and I work in shifts. I will wash your hair and your body and play for a bit while Daddy gets his things ready for work the next day, then we switch. A bath is never less than 30-45 minutes these days. And colored bath fizzies? Yeah those are a must!

- You know all of your colors and like to point them out. And 9 times out of 10 when you are talking about something you say the color before it:
brown blanket
green tractor
blue car

- You love to point out boys and girls. 
Mommy's a girl
Daddy's a boy
Mason's a boy
{every single day} 

- You know most of your ABCs and love to sing them...but mostly at bed time. We'll lay down and you say "sing". I ask what you want to sing and you say, "cds". So cute!

- You can count to 10 and love to do so. You count pretty much everything.

-You've never been much of a tv kind of kid, but lately you love to watch Barney and Chuggington. You know all the words to the "Barney" song and the Chuggington theme song. You sing, dance, and count with Barney. It's so cute to watch. There is one episode we have recorded that Barney sings the "Wheels on the Bus" song. You get so excited every time.

- You also know twinkle, twinkle little star, Wheels on the bus, and Old McDonald.

- Sometimes you will call us by our first names instead of Mommy & Daddy. Especially when you're being facetious. You have a silly, silly personality Masonbug.

- Speaking of Masonbug - I called you that the other day and you corrected me - "Mason Hall bug". Thanks baby! 

-  You're still attached to your blanket and puppy. They've been through lots with us.

- You're starting to get a HUGE imagination, too! 

Oh Masonbug - life with you is so grand! You keep us on our toes and leave a permanent smile on our faces. We couldn't be any more proud of you. You have such a sweet, sweet soul and a heart bigger than Texas. You are polite, always saying please and thank you and generous with hugs. We love you more than words can ever say sweet boy.


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  1. Aw he is so darling! :) His favorite eats are still some of mine! :) Some things never change!


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