{If you came over}

If you came over to our house....

Mason would greet you at the door with a wave and a hiiii
before he starts running around the house like a crazy kid.
He gets excited because he gets company close to never.
Next he would tell you to "sit" and "play".
And proceed to drag out every tractor that he owns from the toy bins in the living room.
He would pretend to be playing with you, but instead he studies your every move.
After you've seen every toy in the living room he'd show you to his bedroom to introduce you to those toys.
But first, he will make a bee-line to his bed and jump around like a silly monkey.
Then I'm sure he'd show you all of his riding toys and you'd end back up in the living room. 

When it's time to leave he will give you a soft hug and say bye. 
And then he'd ask about you for the next 30 or so minutes until he falls asleep in Mama's arms!!

Fingers in the mouth?! Yep, new teeth coming in!


  1. LOL too cute! I love the tractors. I want to get one for Dustin but we already have so many BIG toys :/

    I wish we could come over. lol.

  2. i am convinced my son turns into a completely different person when people come over - and not in a good way.


  3. I just might have to come over one day and visit Mason!:)


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!