{Mason's words}

I've always loved listening to children talk and the funny way they say some things.
Or how they make up their own words completely...
I'm getting to enjoy it firsthand now.
I love it!!!

I'm compiling a list of Mason's words because these are some of the little things that I want to remember always! I'm sure this list will grow daily...but for now...

Waxahachie {where we live} = hox-a-hacheee
bottle = bobble
orange = ornage
milk = meee-ulk
Barney = Parney
Rhinoceros = rize-osusus
different = differnant
blanket = babe-ick
root beer = boot deer
Tractor Fever = tractor feebur
school = shuuull
Ty {Mason's uncle} = T-Ty
Crystal {when he calls me by my name} = Tist-tal
Nathan = Eat-ten
Macaroni = Mac-a-Nooonni
School bus = Pool bus
Tanner Louis {cousin} = Tanner Dooodis
McDonalds = McNon-No
Come On = Tum-Nom 
 Also - some funnies - 

"What happened to the wheel" {referring to a broke jeep toy} was one of the first "big" sentences that Mason ever said. So anytime you ask him "What happened to it?" he shrugs his shoulders and says, "What happened to the wheel?"  every.single.time

 Any time something falls down Mason yells, "All fall down".

And if someone says, "Beautiful" Mason says, "Beautiful Mommy" - yes I know, melt my heart!!!

The other day while getting ready he kept saying, "Daddy's pretty" hahahaha

When he sings Happy Birthday he says "Happy Birthday toodles" instead of "Happy Birthday to you" {toodles is from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse}

And he may or may not know every word to "Red Solo Cup" by Toby Keith! haha - yes, even the "testicles" part. I'm trying to get him to replace that with vegetables like the radio version. Not sure what it is, but he LOVES this song!!!

The pictures below are actually of him singing in the car...


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