{Dr Appt - 2-13-12}

On Monday, Feb 13th we had to take Mason into the Dr. 
Around 3:20 that morning I felt that his feet were extremely hot.
I've grown to know that if his hands and feet are burning up that he's more than likely running fever.
And that he was.
Thermometer read 102.9.
We woke him up to give him some tylenol and I held him for a bit. 
Once he was settled back down I went to lay him down and I heard that he was about to throw up.
He threw up a little bit...mostly milk.
Nathan and I are terrified any time he vomits.
You can read why here...

So, I held him for a little bit longer and he fell asleep in my arms.
He slept great...never got sick again and the fever went down.
But, I went ahead and made him a Dr. apt.

Mason's pedi is out on a mission trip and our normal Dr office was completely full...so we had to see a family practice doctor at a different office.
But, he was great with Mason. 
Mase didn't fuss one single time.
{such a big boy}

My instincts were that he had strep again, or was getting a tummy virus.
Boy was I wrong! Ear infection - in both ears.
They weren't that bad...just red and a little "dull" as the Dr. stated. 

Omoxicillin for 10 days!!

I would have never guessed ear infections because he slept well and wasn't that fussy.

Some instagram pictures from the Dr's office:

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  1. poor little guy! ear infections in BOTH ears! sounds like he was such a trooper though :)


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