{Pillow talk...}

Some of the best conversations we have with Mason are in bed!
Either right before we go to sleep, or when we wake up.
Bed time is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.
We may or may not have too much fun!

I wanted to get this documented before I forget!

The other night in bed Mason was on a roll. He was talking so much. This was all in the same night:

He was talking about school. He went through all of his teacher's names and then started naming off the kids in his class. He got through 3 of them and on the 4th one he said "Fat boy" and went on to the 5th. Nate and I were chuckling so loud that he stopped what he was doing and started giggling with us.  It tickled us so much we couldn't stop giggling. In all fairness...he only calls him Fat Boy because that's what the child's mother calls him every day. Mason picks up on that stuff!!

Mason kept naming 2 girls from his school so Nate asked him who his girlfriend was. Mason says, "No T-Ty girlfriend". He's heard a lot lately about Ty having a girlfriend! ha

After that conversation he started playing with my hair and rubbing his hand on my face. He says, "Mommy Beautiful". Of course I start crying. Nate says, "What about Daddy?" And Mason says, "Daddy Best Friend"!!!! Melt!!!!!

Then he asks us to sing songs. We ask him "What do you want to sing?" and he says, "cds" meaning ABCs. After that we had to sing "Parney" {barney} like 19 times and then he eventually fell asleep! 

Oh how I love this boy!!!

{and for some random pictures! I didn't take any this night because it was dark and we were going to "sleep" haha}


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!