{Mommy I pee pee in potty}

Those were the words that rang like music to Mama's ears!!!

During bath time a few nights ago Mason stood up and said, "Mommy I pee pee in potty". So I whipped him out and put him on his little potty. He didn't like that I sat him down on it. He stands up, faces the potty, gets in position and says "Like Daddy". 
I couldn't help but giggle!
He stood there for a few minutes and.............


He was ready to get back in the bath! 

At least we're getting closer. Nathan and I are not pushing the potty training on him, but we have introduced the idea several times. I want to start when he's ready and not force it upon him. Our pedi said it's much easier once they are ready...so that's what we're going with. For now, at least. He's only 20 months. 

What age did you start potty training?


  1. At least he's got the concept down! He'll get it in no time :)

  2. yaya! baby steps!! we are getting E a potty here soon :)


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