{Embrace the Camera - 7.7.11}

My favorite blogging time of the week!!

Time to link up with the gorgeous Emily!!

This little guy is growing up entirely TOO fast! Each day he does something a little more toddlerish and it makes me gasp! What happened to my baby?? Over the 4th of July holiday weekend he started walking!! It was bittersweet for me. Yes, of course I want him to walk...but it was the last little thing that was keeping him a baby to me!!

Mason...little man....I love you! You are Mommy's best little friend. You are awesome. 

Masonbug...I embrace every little thing you do, because each day is something new!


  1. What a little sweetie! Walking is bittersweet because soon he'll be running and so will you! It's so fun though. Enjoy!

  2. sweet pictures! I always love looking at pics of Mason!

  3. congratulations on your ll' walker! it is SO fun when you get to start chasing after them! :)

  4. Cute pics! They grow up way too fast, don't they? Love your shades, too!

  5. Great pics!!!!!!!! :) adorable!


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