{God Bless America}

Doesn't 4th of July just scream Helloooooo Summer!!??
I love the holiday!! And having a 4 day weekend never hurts.
This 4th of July holiday was Mason's 2nd, but he was only weeks old last year. He didn't go to school on Friday since we were heading out of town. But we did stop by his school for the parade! We debated on whether or not we were going to go...I am glad we did. It was Mason's first "event" at school and Mama needed pictures!!
We/he had a blast.
We waved that flag hard and proud! It was the cutest thing ever.
The parade was awesome. Ferris sent 3 of their police (I'm sure that was the whole force) to escort the parade. The kids loved that!

I'm also thankful we stopped because the heat and sun wore Mason out! He napped all the way to Canton. He needed that nap since he'd been awake since 7:00ish!!

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