Over the 4th of July weekend we camped at Mill Creek Ranch Resort in Canton, TX. It's such a lovely
RV park. We were especially thankful for their nice pools! We took full advantage over the pool! 
It was entirely too hot to do anything else. We didn't even last at Canton but maybe 2 hours. 
That's a sad day! ha! Well, not for our wallets.
We spend lots of time with family, just hanging out. Kolton brought his Ford Truck (Power Wheel),
so Mason was in truck-lovin' heaven!
Mason thinks he's so big when he's in the truck! He just cruises around with his arm up on the door.
I can't get enough!!

Ohhh, why does he look so big here?? Tear!

Lovin' his little grin these days!!

First time to eat a push-up :)

And........a boy tea party!!! Complete with bugs...

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