{We can be friends, but you can't tell anyone}


 Last night I went dinner with some friends. Some special friends. Friends I've had since the 2nd grade!!!! It was nothing short of amazing! Oh and did I mention that our favorite teacher joined us? We all (minus Kristy) had her in 2nd grade...and then we were lucky enough to have her again in 5th grade (plus Kristy). Or so we thought. That wasn't actually the case at all. We weren't that lucky! Mrs. Morrison was moving from 2nd to 5th grade that year and she said the only way she'd do it is if she could pick out her class. And she did. And we're so glad she did. Even though we made that year hard for her, ya know with the best friends one minute, hate each other the next thing...she says we were her favorite by far! She said she had to rearrange the classroom on a daily basis. I can only imagine. We had 32 students in our class that year, only 7 being girls, 4 of them being us. I feel bad for the other 3 girls that were in our class. And for Mrs. Morrison too! ha.

It was such a fun night to reminisce and talk about the good ole' days! And to catch up on everyone's current lives too. We laughed so hard at different times that we got many stares!! Greatness.

I'm so thankful for these girls after all these years. Love them all.

And Mrs. Morrison had such an impact on all of our lives. We completely agree that she was the best teacher, hands down. And now we get to call her our friend! How awesome is that?

Random - Kristy was my maid of honor at my wedding!! I love her to pieces.

Story about the title of this post - In elementary we had assigned seats at lunch...I won't say who, (ahem, Kristy) got assigned to sit by one of the most annoying girls in our class. She told her, "Look, we have to sit together at lunch all year long so I will be your friend but it's a secret. You can't tell anyone". 


How great is that?? Sorry, but it's funny! We were plum awful!

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