{13 months}

Mason, I can't believe you are 13 months old!! (as of June 25th) Seems like we just had your first birthday party. Where did this past month go??

Other Tidbits........

(your vocabulary is growing like crazy)
1. Bird
2. Bug
3. Moon
4. Dad
5. Mom
6. Papa
7. Nana
8. Scooter
9. Duck
10. Bath
11. Monkey
12. Dog
13. Puppy
14. Uh-Oh
15. Bye
16. Thank You
17. Tractor
18. Truck
19. Car
20. Bottle
21. Diesel
22. Fish
23. Baby
24. School
25. Eye
26. Toes
27. Head
29. Bob Bob (Spongebob)
30. Kloe
31. Rhett
32. Shoes
33. Milk
34. Toys
35. Ball
36. Home
37. Hair

I'm trying to keep up, but I am sure I'm missing some!

You can tell us what each of the following say:
Puppy - ruff ruff
Monkey - ooohh oooohh
Elephant - (I don't know how to write this one, ha)
Chicken - bach bach bach
Cow - moo
Daddy - no, no, no 

You can tell show us where each of the following are:

New things:
Walking as of July 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!
If we say Mason close your eyes you will blink them or barely close them. So cute.
You can do the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" with your hands, and make the sounds to the tune of the song
You love the "If you're happy and you know it" game/song
You can blow kisses
If you're crawling around on the floor and we say, "Aww sweet boy" you will lay down flat on your stomach and get really still for a few moments

Oh Masonbug, Mama loves you to the moon and back!

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