{Such a big boy}

Masonbug, you are growing up too fast. Actually, we go pick up your driver's license tomorrow. At least that's what it feels like. Time needs to slow down, like now! I'm not ready to hand you the keys to the car just yet! ha

You are doing so great with school. You never cry when I drop you off anymore.Which is wonderful to this mama. I couldn't stand the first week when you would cry for me. It ached every piece of my heart. Thank God that was just a short season of life!!

Every morning you go to the cafeteria and eat breakfast with the big kids. Which, makes you feel like a big kid too. It's so darn cute. You sit next to the same little girl every day (Alex). She sits to your left. Who's on the right you ask?? Well, only your best friend, that's who!


They have a different cereal every morning, but you get your own special bowl of lucky charms each day. They know the marshmallows are your favorite!  I think it's awesome that they do this for you.

Thank you sweet boy for making "Drop-offs" that much easier for Mama. Nothing more than I love to see you (and your Daddy) Happy! 

Mama loves you sweet boy!

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