{Embrace the Camera - 7.14.11}

It's that time!! You're not cool unless you link up with this fabulous lady! No, really! Do it.

Mason, life with you is a complete blast. You keep us on our toes (literally)!! Now that you're a walker the adventure is that much more interesting. This is such a fun season of life and I want to embrace every single moment. Even if it's the back of your head. Since that's all we're doing these days is chasing you!!

I love you to the moon and back!!!


  1. Your little man is adorable! Love this capture.

  2. haha...let the adventures begin - with the walking, that is! mine go in complete opposite directions of each other and ME. sweet pictures of one cutie patottie!

  3. Look at those little teeth... it looks like our sons are just a few months apart. Now my little man has a mouth full and I already feel slightly sad about how fast we've gotten to where we are now. Time flies!


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