{Move out of My Way}

So, Mason is mobile now...how crazy is that?? He's been on the verge for several months...but just got the hang of it a couple weeks ago. It's so weird to see him making his way around the house on his own. Good, but weird. I honestly thought he'd be crawling months ago since he's so advanced in everything else. I'm sure it's partly our fault, though...we don't ever put him down long enough! Ha! He's just so much fun to hold and love on. 

I told Nate the other day that it's kind of sad...being mobile brings a whole sense of independence that I'm not sure I'm ready for. :( But then he looks at me, says Mama and crawls his way into my lap and gives me a big hug and I can't help but be happy and so very proud of him!!!! 

It's been so fun to watch  him and chase him everywhere. It's funny when I go to change his diaper and he takes off crawling naked. I can't help but laugh! 

Oh man how I love this boy!

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