This day ranks up there with you know...first tooth, crawling, walking............................Mason's first Ranger game, of course!!! Baseball is such a big part of our life and we have been on pins and needles waiting to take Mason to his first game. We didn't get to go last season because Mason was still so brand new. But rest assured, Mason didn't miss a game on TV. And he was hilarious - he would just sit there and watch like he knew what was going on! I personally think Mason was the Ranger's good luck charm last year. They made it to the play-offs and even the WORLD SERIES just because Mason was born!! That I am sure of. Duh! 

Anyhow, Mason attended his first Ranger game on Saturday, April 2nd. It was perfect. Just perfect. We couldn't  have asked for a better game/day! We got there a little early (around 4ish) and they didn't open the gates until 5:00. We hung outside of the gates until they let us in. Mason was a big hit. We could see people taking pictures of him and smiling, waving and pointing at him. He was ready for his first game!!

It just so happened to be Michaels day at the ballpark, so we got to make all kinds of fun things! And yes, this mama fully crafted an awesome bracelet with a baby on her hip! :)

The Rangers were playing Boston, which I was also excited about! We've never seen a game when the Red Sox are in town. They had the Championship ring ceremony before the game; which was awesome to watch! Mason had such a blast at the game. We had many Red Sox fans around us, so it was difficult for him to know when he was supposed to cheer. So, he just clapped for both teams. Which was okay because he's cute! We won the game and Ian Kinsler made history while we were there. Kinsler became the first player in major-league history to hit leadoff homers in his team's first two games of the season, according to STATS, Inc., and the Rangers scored at least nine runs for the second straight day in a 12-5 victory over Boston at Rangers Ballpark on Saturday. Love being at those games!! 

Pics of the cutest Ranger fan alive. 

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