Mason's first Easter was a BLAST!! We spent the majority of the day at the Ranger game. (Where else?) We had amazing seats and they were free. Can't beat that. The game was tons of fun and of course Mason made lots of new friends. Everyone is so nice to him at the games. He loves it. The Ballpark gave the kids an Easter Egg with the Texas Ranger T on it with a coupon inside for a free hat. Of course the hat was a promotional hat and ridiculously big, but fun nonetheless!! Mason is going to have quite the collection of Ranger stuff for his bedroom one day :) 

How sweet is this face?!?

 Poor baby got tired and had to take a little nap. But this mama didn't mind. Love these sweet snuggles with my boy!

Oh those cheeks...

After the game we took a few more traditional Easter pictures. Wonderful, lovely day!

I absolutely LOVE how his feet are crossed in this picture! He always sits like this. Love it.

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