{Embrace the Camera}

Linking up with Emily!!!!

and this is why i embrace the camera every week.
not because i think i'm cute.
not because i think my kids are cute (even though they are).
but because we aren't always going to be around.
and it's important to document moments...memories...our life."
emily anderson

This Mister Mason and I sitting on the front porch waiting for the sun to go down so that we could look for the moon! It's one of our favorites!! I love the way Mason throws his chubby little hand in the air, points up and says "Moooo Moooo Moooo" over and over. It's the cutest. Seriously.

I love this little guy!


  1. awww, what a cutie.
    Keep getting those photos together- you will treasure them! I wish I had more... I need to make a point of it mroe often!

  2. How cute!!!!! The smallest moments sometimes mean the most :)

  3. Cute! Love that you guys watch for the moo together!


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