{To Mason...From Daddy}

I dread 5 a.m. every day.  Not because of the work or just the fact that it is still dark out but because in the 12 hours I am gone that day you grow so much.  Every day I come home you look bigger and bigger and always seem to impress me with how intelligent and funny you are.  I love seeing that grin on your face when I come to get you out of your car seat.  It could be the worst day ever but all I need to see is that little grin and everything has been made better.  I love playing tractors and cars in the floor with you and chasing you all over the house.  I am sure your momma would tell you that I am the proudest poppa ever.  I love to see the reactions on people’s faces when they see my handsome boy.  I also look forward to our time on Fridays together.  I am not saying it is always easy but I want you growing up knowing that your dad will do anything to spend time with you and to be there for you.  Well, I am writing this at work and can’t wait to get home to see my boy so just know that you are the apple of your daddies eye and he is super proud and loves you to the moon.

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