{Awful, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Sickness}

The week of March 14th Mason started getting sick. :( He was really uncomfortable at night time and would basically just scream if you laid him down. He would sleep on one of our chests for about 30 minutes at a time before he would start screaming again. He had no clue what was bothering him because there were no signs; besides a raspy voice and a little congestion. But even the congestion didn't sound like enough for the heart-wrenching screaming that commenced!! It was the worst thing ever to see. I kept praying that God would make him feel better and that I would 100 million times rather be sick than my sweet baby boy! (well, be careful what you ask for...I was terribly sick for 2 weeks after that!! But better me than my boys)

Nathan took Mason to the doctor Thursday afternoon. Dr Gold confirmed that he had an ear infection and upper respiratory. It was a little surprising because he never once pulled on his ear or made us think that it could be bothering him! She prescribed him an antibiotic and told us to give him Tylenol and Motrin for the pain and fever. 

Well, that evening led to more screaming, no sleeping, very little eating and fever that we couldn't break. I was extremely worried about him getting dehydrated. By midnight we both decided it was time to get him to the emergency room. We went to Baylor in Waxahachie...they are so great! We got right back in. They weighed him and took his temperature in triage...it was 103.9. Of course he was the happiest baby there!! He was just laughing, smiling and playing with the nurse. He wanted to put his chubby little hands on all the fun electronics in triage. It was like trying to corral a wild bull!!! 

They put us in our own room shortly after. The nurse gave him Motrin to knock the fever out. And then the doctor saw us. She confirmed what Dr Gold had told us...but we also learned that a slight ear infection can turn into a full blown ear infection within minutes...and it had for Mason. She also told us that because Mason's weight that we could be giving him more Motrin and Tylenol (almost double what we had been giving him). She also doubled his antibiotic. We stayed there for a while so that they could monitor his fever...which dropped shortly after the Motrin. Thank God! 

The Dr in the ER was fabulous and really taught us a lot. She did say that it could take up to 2-3 weeks for the antibiotic to work and for the infection to fully heal. My heart dropped. I couldn't fathom that much longer of no sleep, little eating or drinking and seeing my happy boy so sad and hurting. Luckily that was not the case with us. Mason started feeling better after only 2 days on the antibiotic!!!! 

I am so thankful we made it 9 1/2 months before any illness hit, and so glad its over. I hope that's our one and only ear infection!

Mason at the hospital:

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