{It's a Texas Thing}

Bluebonnet pictures, that is!! Most people do not understand this little Texas tradition, unless, they're from Texas. :) I have been wanting to get Bluebonnet pictures of Mason for a couple of weeks, but we could never work it out. Well, our bluebonnet pics have a funny story to go with it. 

We were eating with the family at Hide Out Burger in Midlothian. Mason had a blow out diaper and of course they do not have changing tables in their restrooms. We had to make do with the trunk of  my sister's car and the field next to the parking lot! Oh boy, what fun that was. Needless to say, we had to change Mason's clothes.

After we were finished with that fiasco my sister says, "Look at that patch of bluebonnets, we could get pictures". So we did. Mason wasn't dressed very cute, and I only had my camera phone...but by golly, we finally got Bluebonnet pics! haha!

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