{Just what this Mama needed}


Lord, you knew just what I needed last night! Thank you for your many blessings. 

I have been a roller coaster of emotions lately. Mason's mobile, which means he's more independent now...kinda makes a mama sad....add that to planning his FIRST, yes FIRST birthday party and oh my!! It's so hard to accept that my baby is growing up!! Yes, I am happy and so very proud of him, but that doesn't mean it isn't hard. 

Well, the Good Lord knew just how I was feeling and sent me that reassurance that My little Masonbug will always need his mama! Mason would not let me out of his sight last night. He'd start playing with his toys and then realize I wasn't right next to him and he'd start calling out "mama, mama" and then would crawl as fast as his chubby little legs and arms would let him right to me. He even tried climbing up my legs several times. Oh my heart!!! I can't tell you how sweet it was to scoop him up in my arms and hug and kiss him. 

One of the times I scooped him up he leaned right in to me open mouth to give me a kiss. I didn't even have to ask for it. Um yes please!

Then it came time for bed. I laid him down like normal and laid next to him. At first he just rubbed my face with his little hand and then next thing I know he's rolling right over into my arms. He wanted me to hold him and rock him to sleep. Yes, yes yes of course my sweet boy!! 

I can't even begin to describe how much I needed this. Needed last night. Needed him. 

Oh how I love him.

Thank you again, Lord!!

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  1. of friend we share a heart on this :). so so can relate with you girl!!!!!! love love!!!! happy easter chica!

  2. Wait until he is 5...oh man...you'll still get those mommy moments though. :)


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