Sonogram - 3/30

We had our weekly sonogram this Tuesday. We were 32w4d at the time of the sono. I had a different tech this time and went to a different sono room. It's amazing how different each "sono" machine is. Technology! And I think this tech was a little more experienced too. She zipped right through the sono. I think the whole thing took 7 minutes from the time I got in the room until I was off with my 3 pictures!! She said everything was looking really great. My Amniotic Fluids were stable - no increase or decrease from the last time they checked. Mason's measurements were right on schedule. The tech said, "Wow, he has some cheeks on him" - that makes me smile/giggle everytime!! I love those cheeks. :) Mason showed to be weighing 4lbs 5oz. I can defintely tell he's getting bigger because the sono pictures are getting harder to see! Not as much of him fits on the screen anymore. Plus, his movements and kicks are getting stronger and stronger everyday! I just love it.

Sono pics - sorry about the quality.


(Turn your head to the right) Mason looking at us

And again - look at those cheeks!!

Belly pics!

Can't see my toes anymore :)

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