Dr Appt Today

I had a Dr. Appt today. They did a "Stress Test" on me and Mr. Mason. That is where they hook up monitors to my belly and record me for 45 or so minutes. It checks to make sure Mason is moving like he should and that his heartbeat is good and stable. I also had a monitor to check to make sure I wasn't having any contractions without knowing it. I had to lie on my left side the whole time. And then they gave me a "trigger" button that I had to push everytime I "felt" him move, kick, etc. Well, Mason doesn't stop moving so I was pushing that button like crazy. My thumbs were getting tired. So, they hooked me up and shortly after that Mason had the hiccups. So not only did I get to feel them, I got to hear them on the monitors too. Everyone outside the room could hear him hiccupping!! They recorded me for a good 20 minutes and then Dr Greve came in only to realize that the machine ran out of paper. So they had to readjust me and load more paper. So then I was there for another 25 minutes to get a good recording. They kept commenting on how much he moves!! :) The tests came back great. Mason's heartrate stayed at a good 140-150bpm, except when he moved or kicked me really hard. Then it shot up into the 170s. Dr Greve didn't see any signs of stress on Mason. My nurse told me they are going to start doing this weekly. So I asked Dr Greve about it. He said yes, but that he wanted to also have sonograms. With a sonogram they can see the fluid, measure the amount, the location, clarity, etc. and also measure all of Mason's body parts to make sure they are growing according to his fetal age. With the stress test they can monitor his heartrate and movements over a course of time. Both are important right now to monitor my fluids and Mason's developments. All precautionary and to stay on top of it. I am really thankful Dr. Greve is being so pro-active about this and watching us closely. He says that we are both doing really well and there is nothing to worry about. We are just making sure those fluid levels do not increase. If that happens Mason will run out of room to grow. We certainly don't want that to happen. I go back next Thursday for a sonogram at 1:00pm and then followed by a Dr. Appt. Dr. Greve is out of the office next week so I am seeing another Dr. in the practice, Dr. Olive. Not real comfortable with another Dr. but owell. At least I am seeing one!

I lost 2 pounds and my belly measured 31cm, which is 1cm smaller than my last appt. He said this is normal and would fluctuate due to fluids. Nothing to worry about. All in all everything is good. 23lbs gained so far, right on schedule. Blood pressure is good, and urine test was good!!

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