Baby Shower #1

We had our first baby shower last weekend, Saturday March 6th. It was such a wonderful day (well, it turned out to be I should say). Nate and I woke up around 8 am to spruce up the house and do some last minute prep. Dad, Rodney, Brandon, Travis and Uncle Brad came over to bring Mason's new Armoire (pictures below) and to help us replace a piece of trim in the hallway that leads to Mason's room. It was nice to hang out with the guys for a bit before having a mostly "girls" day! My daddy completely restored an old Armoire for Mason's room and it came out amazing. Of course! I expected nothing less because my dad is great at that kind of stuff. He needs to open up shop, seriously! But in the meantime I am okay with being his 'guinea pig' with projects :) Anyhow, we got the Armoire in Mason's room and rearranged some furniture and then Dad and Rodney replaced the trim. I mostly cleaned while they chatted and finished the trim. I had a little scare though. I had bad cramping in my lower stomach and pain like I was getting a UTI. I took some tylenol (which I have only done like 3 total times since getting pregnant) and the cramps went away like 20 minutes later. However, the other pain lasted until 30 minutes after the baby shower started. I was not feeling great at all, but was so excited about the shower. Thank God I was relieved of that pain and was able to enjoy Mason's special day :) My mom, sister and Aunt Donia did such a great job hosting the shower. Everything was just perfect - the decor, the food, the cake, the games, and most of all the company! A big thanks to you three and also my other aunts that helped with the shower! I don't know what I'd do without the love and support of such a great family!!! I think almost everyone that got an invite to the family shower was there. It was an amazing turn-out. Let's just say my house got really small really quick! But it was GREAT!!! I had such a great time with everyone and Mr. Mason was certainly "Showered" with gifts. Below are some of the things he got:

- Jogging Stroller/carseat combo
- Rocking chair/ottoman
- Bassinet
- The Armoire from dad
- Bouncer
- Bumby
- Diaper Genie
- A custom blanket made by my cousin Christian
- Diapers, wipes, toiletries
- Clothes galore

And so much more!

Now for the pictures :) Thank you Jessica for taking second by second snapshots of the entire day!!!

Me getting ready before:

Mason's Mommy & Daddy before the shower
(he's no longer grizzlyman, though)

The Cake

Decorations and candy bars Donia made


My beautiful Grandmother

Baby Rhett & I

My Mother in Law, LeeAnn and I

Just hanging out

Listening to one of the games

Love this frame!

Chair/Ottoman being delivered from the boys - gift from the Halls

All the gifts! Thanks everyone!!!

Stroller/Carseat from Mom, Aunt Laura, Aunt Donia, Aunt Tira, Aunt Kira

Bouncer from the Hattons

Sign my Dad had made for Mason

Bassinet from my cousin Donell

Mason's new Armoire & Chair

Mason's room


And again

Mason's new Clothes

We are soooo blessed! Thanks again everyone!!

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  1. so precious!!! I love his room. And, what a cool basinet. I will have to remember that for baby number 2. Mason has a beautiful room and it's BIG! Our rooms are not big at our house. :(


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