Dr Appt - 3/25

Catching up!

My Dr Appt on Thursday went really well. I had another NST test. Not the most comfortable thing in the world...but it's wonderful to get to listen to Mason for over 20 minutes. He was very active and they had to keep chasing him with the monitors. No surprise there! My baby boy is always active. I love it though! Such great reassurance when he's moving around so much. Dr Greve said that he looked good from the test. My belly measured 32cm (right on schedule), I gained 1/2 a pound in 2 weeks, blood pressure was good - 112/68. Mason's heart rate stayed in the 140/150 range during the test.

I do have to go for weekly sonograms though! He wants to monitor my Amniotic fluids weekly. So, I have a sonogram every Tuesday and an appt every Thursday, wow. They scheduled me for the next 5 weeks.

Wk 1

3/30 - Tuesday - 9:00am sonogram

4/1 - Thursday - 8:15am Dr OB appt


4/6 - Tuesday - 9:00am sonogram

4/8 - Thursday - 8:00am Dr OB appt


4/13 - Tuesday - 8:30am sonogram

4/15 - Thursday - 8:00am Dr OB appt


4/20 - Tuesday - 8:30am sonogram

4/22 - Thursday - 8:00am Dr OB appt


4/27 - Tuesday - 8:30am sonogram

4/29 - Thursday - 8:15am Dr OB appt

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