4D Sonogram, 31w1d

Saturday Nathan and I went for our 4D sonogram. I know, I know - everyone kept asking us why we were paying for a sonogram when we get one every other week from my doctor. We wanted to see his features/details, plain and simple as that :) All of our doctor sonograms are black and white and all for medical reasons. We can see the structure of his face, body, but no details. So, we thought it would be nice to have a "fun" sonogram where we weren't worrying about all the medical stuff. And it was just that - awesome and fun! We went back to Storkvision as that is the place we went when we found out Mason was a boy (December 18th, 2009). We were only 18 weeks then, but they were able to show us some of the sonogram in 3/4d. We thought it was really neat and that's when we decided we would go back for a 4d sono!! Storkvision is such a nice and relaxing place. We love it there.

For the first 10-15 minutes of the sonogram Mason had his hands in front of his face and it was hard to get a clear picture. We couldn't get anything with me laying on my back, except his face with two arms in front of it. So the tech had me lay on my right side to get him to move. Finally he started moving his hands out of his face and we were able to see his face! He's sooooooooooooooooo adorable!!! And he looks just like his DADDY! Like a total replica of him. He has his exact nose and mouth! It's cute and crazy at the same time. The sono tech even kept saying, wow, he looks just like his daddy. She also kept saying that he was a "cutie pie". So I guess that makes his daddy a cutie pie too!  :)

It really amazes me, the technology out there. Thank you God for making someone so smart enough to make a sonogram machine that lets us see 4d images of our children in the womb! It's an amazing experience! It really puts everything into perspective and definitely made us more ready to meet Mason! Won't be too much longer as the days/weeks are flying by as fast as the B1 plane Uncle Trent flies :) hee hee! Okay, maybe not that fast, but you get the idea.

I am truly and completely in love with the fact that Mason looks just like his daddy! It makes my heart fill with so much joy! I am such a proud Mommy already and love my boys very much. (all 3 of them - Nate, Mason and Diesel). I am blessed and words could never express how thankful I am for the life God has given me. I couldn't ask for anything more. Well, except for a smooth and healthy delivery and a healthy baby boy!! :)

Now for the pictures!

31 weeks 1 Day
4D Sonogram

First pictures are from when Mason had his arms in front of his face.

And then finally he started moving his arms/hands!

And a video:

Isn't he adorable?!?!!?!?

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