Sono Appt - 3-1-2010

I've started this post a few times, but decided to wait until I felt a little bit better about the situation. And with the help of my awesome hubby, great friends and family and a growing number of people praying, I am getting there :) My aunt Melissa in Tennessee added us to a prayer chain of 500+ people! Prayer is powerful and I am just so thankful that so many are taking the time to say a little prayer for Mason bug and I. Means more than words could ever say.

The sono appt didn't quite go as well as we'd hoped. I mean, it was wonderfully amazing to see our precious little boy again! The sono started off really really great with all of Mason's measurements adding up just the way they should! He is growing and right on schedule with where he should be. The first thing we saw was his beautiful face. And his chubby lil cheeks. OMG - I can't tell you how cute those cheeks were and how I can't wait to kiss them!!! We got several good pictures of his face and those cheeks! It will be interesting to see if he still has those cheeks when he gets here. Mason is weighing in at 2lbs 8oz now. Yay! And his heartrate was a good strong 150bpm. And he is no longer breech! Thank the Lord. 

Then it was time to get to the main reason for the sono - to check my fluids. My doctor suspected they may be a little high when my belly measured 32cm last Wednesday. That was a 4cm increase in 2 weeks. I had also gained 4 lbs in those 2 weeks. She checked the 4 areas needed and they added up to 21. A normal range is 5-20, so we are just outside the "normal" range. She said it's not that bad, but she did want my doctor to know. She asked us to sit in the waiting room so that she could fax him the sono pictures and info. We were at the Arlington location and Dr Greve works at the Mansfield location on Mondays. After about 15-20 minutes of waiting she told us that Dr Greve looked at the scans and said for us to not worry just yet. We are okay and that he would keep an eye on it. But that he did want me to get another sonogram this week with the Dr./specialist upstairs. So, we go Friday at 8:15am for another sonogram. Another chance to see our sweet baby boy! Yeah!

I don't know all the details, as the sono tech couldn't really tell us much. Come Friday I will be sure to ask lots of questions. She did tell us that if it gets too high that I would be put on bedrest. Yikes! Nate and I are always on the go, I just can't see that happening. But of course I will do whatever it takes for my precious little boy!!!

So until Friday, we'll just be praying, praying, praying!!!!!!

Now for pictures! Sorry about the quality - I haven't had a chance to scan these to my computer yet. I took pictures of the sono pics with my phone!

Mason's sweet face and those chubby cheeks!!

Foot shot:

Fists - and proof that Mason does use Mommy's tummy as a punching bag!!

Face again


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