Dear last 29 Weeks...

...Where did you go?? Like seriously! Time is flying by so quickly and pretty soon our baby boy will be here. Our 29 weeks "mark" was Friday, March 5th. We were blessed with a sonogram that day!! We got to see our sweet, and still very active baby boy! Our sono tech even said, "Wow, you have an active little guy". It's funny because that's always the reaction we get. And then it's funny to watch them chase Mason around with the doppler/sonogram wand thing!! She found him this time with his head on my right side and his legs & feet pressing down on my bladder. But I had a feeling before she even told us that. Mason is looking great, and growing right along. From Monday to Friday he gained 8oz. Friday, at 29 weeks exactly, he weighed 3lbs and 2oz. WOW! I just can't believe it. Mason had a healthy and strong heartbeat at 146bpm. All of his measurements added up great as well. Then it was on to check my fluids. When she was done I asked her about them and she said, the Doctor will be in shortly to go over it with you. *Sigh* But we got a pretty good report. My fluids are still on the higher side and I meausure in at the 75th percentile...but it's nothing to worry about at this time. I am just one of those 1-2% of pregnancies that have more fluid that most. They will just keep an eye on me and watch to make sure the amniotic fluid does not increase. So yay! Prayers were answered and God is taking care of me and Mr. Mason. I tell you, it had me worried. I was so nervous and worried all week, waiting on Friday's appt. What a relief! Thank you to everyone that prayed and is praying for us. As you can see, prayer is powerful!!!

How far along: 29w4d (at the time of posting this)

Total weight gain/loss: 24lbs, but I have an appt tomorrow

Maternity clothes:  Oh yeah!

Stretch marks: Nope! Knock on wood!
Sleep: What's that?

Best moment this week: Getting to see Mason, hearing his heartbeat, good report from Dr., baby shower, so many great things happened this week, in spite of the scare!

Movement: Tons of it. I don't think our baby boy sleeps. I joked with Nate and said there's a soccer tournament going on in my belly!!

Food cravings: Mexican/Ta Molly's Restaurant to be specific!

Food aversions: Popcorn, bananas

Gender: Male

Labor Signs: Thurs/Fri/Sat I had a ton of pressure and was a little worried, but it was because Mason was bouncing off my bladder and lower region!

Belly Button in or out: Even

What I miss: Sleep!

What I am looking forward to: On Friday I was looking forward to Saturday (our 1st baby shower), Saturday was a great day and Mason was definitely "Showered" with love, Sunday - was looking forward to putting all his new stuff in his room. This week we are looking forward to the weekend - heading to Abilene for Miss Kloe's 1st birthday!! Can't wait!!!

Pictures of Mommy's belly @ 29 weeks

This one was taken in the morning -

And this one in the afternoon:

Weird how they look a little different :) Must be the clothes! hee hee

Sono pic - 29weeks

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