Dr Appt - 30w6d

Thursday, March 18th we had a sonogram followed by a Dr Appt. This sonogram was scheduled by my Doctor and was a Biophysical sonogram. Diana (our fabulous sono tech) took all of Mason's measurements, checked my fluids and even checked the blood flow in the umbilical cord. Everything checked out okay. My fluids haven't increased, nor decreased. Which is a good thing (that they haven't increased). Mason is growing and getting so big. Nathan and I love seeing him on sonograms!! Pretty soon we will get to see the real thing.

Heartrate - 128bpm (this is the lowest it has ever been, but I think he was asleep when she took this. Shortly afterwards he was awake and kicking/moving like crazy. I would bet that it would have been a lot higher if she took a second heartrate measurement)
Weight - 3lbs 10oz

Diana made a comment about him being a little "big" for almost 31 weeks. But didn't really elaborate. At one point we were looking at Mason's feet and I said, that foot looks awfully long. She said, you are right it does, let's see if we can get a measurement. She did, and it was 6.56cm, which is already 2.5 inches. WHAT?? That blows my mind. Nate and I do not have big feet. LOL! Here's a picture of his ginormous foot :)

And some pictures of his beautiful face!!!

After the sonogram Nate headed back to work. He was the only one in his dept that day and needed to get back to work. We were done with the fun stuff, anyway :) I did my labwork and then to the waiting room to wait for my appt. My doctor was out on vacation that week, so I had to see a different Dr. They scheduled me to see Dr Olive, which is a female. I've never had a female doctor, ever! So that was going to be different. My sono tech told me that Dr Olive was NEVER on time and that I may wait longer than I normally do. Well, I waited for a whole hour. Grr. That was frustrating considering I was in a waiting room full of 4 women all talking very loudly on their cell phones in SPANISH!!!!! Talk about fun! So I get called back there and my normal nurse takes my blood pressure (which was perfect), and asks me all the routine questions - any bleeding - no, any water leaking - no, any contractions - no, any medications besides tums and vitamins - no. Then she says the Dr will be in soon. Another 20 minutes later...a different Dr (not Dr Olive) comes in. His name was Dr Sarmini and I really liked him! He was nice and funny. He went through all of my paperwork, said everything was looking good. He checked the sono pics and said, 3lbs 10oz...hmm, that is a little large for 31 weeks. He said that Mason's gestational period may be off a little...meaning he/I may be futher along than originally thought. Just like a few days or a week...but STILL - means it's even closer than we anticipated!!!! WOW! That was a slap of reality there. He said that my fluids are remaining the same which was a good sign, but that they would keep watching us!

So, I go back Thursday - to my normal doctor, thank God! We are having another stress test, where they monitor us for a period of time to check for heartrate, movement, etc.

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