We were so thankful when off-road parks started opening back up (#quarantine)! We couldn't plan a trip quick enough. We invited several but due to other commitments, only us and our friend Freddie were able to go. It ended up being just fine, though. Freddie had added a lot of stuff to his Jeep and we had some new parts to test out.

Being that it was just us two Jeeps we were able to cover a lot of ground! I think we got in 12 or 13 trails that day. That's a good amount! When we first got there we saw a ton of Jeeps checking in, but once we got on the trails we never had to wait or anything. I think they're still only operating to 50% right now.

We had such a great time! Every time we go there I find a new favorite trail. This time it was Green Mile. It was a rocky trail straight up! So much fun.

Here's a video of our wheeling trip! It's a combo of both Nate and I driving. We switched off back and forth throughout the day.

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