{Mason got egged}

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to a text saying "Mason has been egged by his Mimi and Papa" from my sister. Nate and I were exhausted from binge-watching a show on Netflix until 2 am the night before, but I was too excited to let that stop me from getting up. I knew we had a chance of rain and I wanted Mason to find his gift and hidden eggs before the rain came! Also, all the neighbor's dogs love to visit our yard! I got up and got ready and then woke Mason up! He was so excited.

Mason started looking at his gifts on the porch, but had to hurry up and find the hidden eggs because Lexi (our yellow lab) was picking them up and opening them! It was hilarious. She wanted to hunt eggs, too!

They left him so many eggs! He had a blast. And then he went to open his "Easter basket" and see what all they left him! He got all kinds of Easter candy & snacks and a Bird House building kit. We are so excited about that. If you've read an of my "Our Quarantined Life" posts you would know that Mason and I have welcomed little projects as such for brain breaks during our E-learning!! We are excited to work on it this week.

How thoughtful, right? I'm so thankful for our village and for those that continually pour into Mason's little heart and soul. He had been so sad ever since he realized how different Easter was going to be this year and that we couldn't be at church. This definitely helped lift his spirits!

And a little video I put together...

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