{Our Quarantined Life // Week 5}

Week five has already come and gone? That blows my mind! Five weeks of being still and just hanging out. A good part of me is loving quarantine and just being home with my boys, but another part of me is definitely ready for things like being in church, hugging my parents, and going to Mexican food restaurants! For now, I am going to soak up every single second of time that I can with my boys. It's not often that we are home, so I am counting it as a blessing.

Monday, April 13th:

I woke up in an "I really don't want to do homeschool today" and so we didn't! Week 5 and we are already "skipping school"! haha. That's the beauty of e-learning, right? At our own pace and with a whole lot of grace! I worked and cleaned up areas of my house. Mason worked on his new Lego he got for Easter. We had a really enjoyable day! It was crazy hair day for "virtual" spirit week so we used a filter to give Mason a fun new hairdo!

Tuesday, April 14th:

We worked hard and got caught-up plus a day ahead in Math & Science. His teacher for those classes started posting the whole week's worth of work on Monday, so we were able to keep on trucking! I love this format so much more. That gives us the opportunity to get ahead and take Friday's off if we wanted. ELAR is still being posted daily for now. Womp. Womp. We also worked on a couple of projects for Mason's specials (STEM and GT). He had to make a DIY homemade facemask. We enjoyed that project and finding things around the house to use. The theme for today's "virtual" spirit week was to make a motivational sign for the community.

Wednesday, April 15th:

We buckled down again and finished Math & Science for the entire week! That was such a good feeling. I didn't tell Mason until we were finished. He was so excited about it! The theme for "virtual" spirit week was wear a college T-shirt. Mason chose his A&M shirt. That evening we played outside and cooked supper on the grill.

Thursday, April 16th:

We didn't do any schooling on Thursday. Mason had an eye doctor appointment at noon. They are only open for emergency visits right now and they are spreading out patients so that there is not more than 10 people in the building at once. Mason was considered an emergency because his glasses broke! We had to superglue them together to get by until our appointment! We weren't sure what to expect with the state of the world right now, but were pleasantly surprised. Mason got a full exam! And then they popped his current lenses into some frames they had in the clinic and we ordered him a new pair of glasses with  his new prescription as well as a pair of prescription sunglasses. Mason chose the exact same frames again for his every day glasses. He said he loves them and isn't ready to change! And for the sunglasses he went with RayBans. I can't wait to see them! We customized them a little bit!

We were back home by 2:00 and I finished working for the day. We just hung out that evening. We put on some new Bartact seat covers in the Jeep. They are awesome! It felt so silly to be excited about something as simple as new seat covers! But, we have been wanting these for forever and got a killer deal on them.

Friday, April 17th:

My Dad's birthday! I was so sad I couldn't see him or give him a big ol' hug! Nathan was supposed to go fishing, but that didn't work out. He was just about to the lake when they decided it was way too windy to be out on the lake. He came back home and hung out in the living room while Nate and I slept! It was still before sunrise! ha. I worked and we just hung out. Nate worked out in the yard and such. I guess I didn't take any pictures of videos on that day!

Saturday, April 18th:

This was a special day! We went on a little road trip to get a gift for Mason. I'm not going to share a lot about it here because I have way too many pictures (so it deserves it's own post). Anyhow, this was Mason's early birthday present (and Christmas for the next two years - I kid, I kid).  We got home around 4:30 pm and hung out and played all evening! We made a fire in the firepit that evening. We just sat out in lawn chairs and listened to some music. It was such a great night!

Sunday, April 19th:

We all slept in until 10:55!! The dogs started stirring and woke us up. Otherwise, we may have slept even later. haha. I watched our church service in bed on my phone. Then Mason was ready to go outside and ride! The boys went out before me. I got ready while watching our church's service and then joined them! We rode out in the pasture and just had an amazing day outside!!

That evening we decided to make a Bluebonnet/Sunset drive out to Bristol! We called in a sushi order and picked it up after we made our drive. It was such a beautiful sunset/night.

And that's a wrap on our week five of quarantine!

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