{Mason's new ride}

Nathan and I have been debating on getting Mason something he could ride outside, bring with us on camping trips, or take when we go wheeling. We were leaning towards a four-wheeler at first. Then, a couple weeks ago Nate saw a Facebook post for a youth size Polaris at a dealership in Athens, TX. Last Saturday we drove out to check it out. And, well, we brought it home! I loved the idea of a side by side better. It comes with a roll cage, making it much safer than a four-wheeler. And the best part is that we can control the speed.

There are 4 levels of speed; 10mph, 15mph, 19mph, and 29mph. It comes standard on the 10mph. We left it that way for about a week to let Mason get used to everything. He's now riding at 15mph and we will probably leave it that way for a good while.

Backing up a bit...we drove out there on a whim. We woke up with probably a bit of cabin fever and needed out of the house! We kept our distance all day and didn't touch anything we didn't need to. We knew that if we were going to be quarantined at home we needed something for Mason to do outside. He's outgrown his playset and only has the trampoline. So, we drove the hour and 15-minute drive there, checked it out, signed the paperwork and we were done! However, we didn't plan it out too well and we went in the Jeep. The Polaris was definitely not fitting in the back of the Jeep. Before we left the house we were like "well, it's only an hour away. If we buy it we will just come back and get the truck and trailer", but that quickly changed. That would have made it about a 5-hour trip all around. No thanks! I looked up U-Haul places in the area and there was one less than 2 miles down the road. So, we rented a U-Haul to bring it home! Nate and Mason drove the U-Haul with the Polaris and I drove the Jeep. It was a fun little adventure for Mason. He was way too excited to ride in the U-Haul! haha.

We got home around 4 pm and Mason was nothing but smiles! He couldn't wait to get it unloaded and give it a spin.

He has been driving it nearly every day since we got it! He rides on our property, out in the pasture, and we go for neighborhood drives too. He got to do a bit of offroading and was so excited about that!


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