{Our Quarantined Life // Week 4}

It's hard to believe we just wrapped up week 4 of this quarantine! Some days feel really long while others just fly right by. One half of me loves all of the quality time we are spending at home, but the adventurer in my soul misses the trips, Jeep events, etc. It's such a weird thing. Mason and I are in a pretty good groove as far as school goes. Some days we start early and knock it out early and some days we start way later. That's the beauty of E-learning...we do it when it's best for Mason and I. Sometimes I can tell that he needs a little more time before we start, and that's okay. Also, if my workload is heavier in the morning we will get a later start. But, we have been knocking it out just fine. They are working on a points system to turn back in for rewards when (if) they go back to school. Mason has been in the lead for his class since the points started! So proud of him for taking this transition in stride and excelling! Home school life is the life for us.

I won't touch much on e-learning by day. It's basically the same thing right now. We conquer Math and Science first, do some kind of activity for a brain break and then jump back on and knock out ELAR and any specials. We haven't run into any trouble as of yet. Mason knows most of what he is doing with the exception of one thing in Math. It's one of those things where you have to show 17ish steps to get 1 simple answer. I know you know. So frustrating!

Anyhow, here's a look at our fourth week of quarantine.

Monday, April 6th:

They started another virtual spirit week for school. This day was to wear a superhero shirt or cape in honor of all hospital workers, first responders, and grocery employees. Mason chose to wear a cape.

That evening we wanted to do something to bring a little joy to Mason's Aunt and Uncle. She's a nurse and treated a Covid patient the Friday before (didn't get results until Sunday). So, she was on a very strict quarantine at home until she was tested the following weekend. We decided to take them a Dr. Pepper shake from Whataburger! We knew they already had supper covered, so we took them a treat. We left it on the porch and then Mason called them from the Jeep to come outside to get them! We are so thankful for them and their service and sacrifice!

That evening we came home and we burned some things in our fire pit!

Tuesday, April 7th:

The theme for this day was Building Day! Mason built a few different Legos.

That evening was absolutely gorgeous and warm so we went for a Bluebonnet trail drive! And then grabbed food at our favorite little ma/pa shop in Bristol. It was such a great evening!

Wednesday, April 8th:

We all had a family evening and washed the Jeep together. Mason mostly just wanted to play in the water and work the power washer. We had a good time, though. Even if it rained a day or two later. It's fine. Everything is fine. ha.

A little timelapse of the action...

Thursday, April 9th:

It was Lexi's 3rd birthday. I took some pictures of her and gave her a few treats. I'm not sure if she was more pleased with the hat or my singing...

Sweet girl! She truly is a good, good girl. We love her so much.

Our school load was pretty light. They were only scheduled for a half day and then no school on Friday for Good Friday!

Friday, April 10th:

Mason had no school, so I let him sleep in. Nate went fishing that morning and then worked on a friend's Jeep that afternoon. My workload was pretty light because of Good Friday, so I just did some projects around the house and got things ready for Easter.

Saturday, April 11th:

Mason got egged by my parents! You can read that full post HERE. It really made his day!

After Mason went through all of his goodies he and I watched a new movie on Netflix called The Main Event. It was so cute! Nathan did yard work before we received even more rain. Once the movie was over we dyed a few eggs. Mason doesn't eat hardboiled eggs, but it's a tradition and we are all about keeping traditions alive.

We ordered a pizza that evening and Nate and I binged more of Ozark on Netflix!

Sunday, April 12th:

Easter Sunday! The tomb is empty. HE IS RISEN!

This deserves a post of its own, so I will do that next.

And that's a wrap on week 4!

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