{TBB Asks // Holiday Themed Q&A}

I'm a little late on getting this posted, but better late than never right?? At least that is what I am going with. I love everything Christmas-y so I wasn't passing this one up. I also love to read about how other people celebrate the holidays!! Here are my Holiday themed answers...
1. Real or Fake Tree?
Hands down, real. I love the smell of a real tree and I absolutely adore going to the Christmas tree farm! It's such a fun tradition for our little family.

2. Favorite Christmas Cookie?
Just plain ol' sugar cookies with that delicious icing on them!

3. Home on Christmas morning or travel?
We do both! We wake up a little early to have Christmas just with our little family at home before traveling the 1/2 around the block to Nate's parent's house!

4. Clear or Colored lights?
Warm white! Oh how happy this makes me.

5. Send Christmas cards?
I have for the last several years! Ours will be a little late this year because our photo shoot isn't until this Sunday!

6. Favorite Christmas present received? 
Hmm, this year I am going with our new nephew that is due just a few short days after Christmas!

7. Favorite Christmas present given?
Hmm, not one gift really stands out to me. I love to give the Grandparents handmade gifts from Mason! Those are always a big hit.

8. Stockings or no stockings? 
Stockings for sure. It's one of my favorite things to shop for!

9. Christmas PJs?
All the yes! For the whole month of December. Okay...and a bit of November and January, too!

10. Favorite Christmas Carol?
O' Holy Night.

11. Favorite Holiday Tradition?
I'm actually composing a blog post about this right now! We have so many traditions and I love them all. One of my favorites is our Polar Express and Grinch weekend. And Candlelight Christmas Eve service!

12. Early Shopper or last minute?
Last minute...always! If I buy things early I have a bad habit of giving them to the recipient right then and there. I get too excited.

13. Favorite Christmas movie or show?
Elf, A Charlie Brown Christmas and Christmas vacation! I could watch those over and over.

14. Favorite Holiday beverage?
I am loving the new Toasted White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks! Oh my yum.

15. Cookies and milk for Santa?
But of course! And carrots for the reindeer, too!


  1. Oh just loving the festiveness! Handmade kid gifts are the best! So proud my kids chose to give their school made gifts to my parents this year! Last year it was like nope! Friends! Haha

  2. I love Oh Holy Night as well. It's such a pretty song.

  3. I just love so many of your answers. Maybe that sweet nephew of yours will arrive on my birthday, the 28th. Then I can have a new, adorable birthday buddy.

  4. Yes yes yes to a real tree! I've never had a fake tree for our primary tree. I could never do it!

  5. I love the toasted white mocha too! So yum!

  6. I love those movies as well. We just bought and watched Charlie Brown Christmas last night. Love a mid-week family movie night to get us through the rest of the week!

  7. I grew up with a fake tree but always knew when I had a family that I wanted to start cutting it down, it's my favorite tradition!! I'm with you on so many of these!!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!