{A Jeepin' Good Christmas}

We bought this red Jeep at just the right time! It has been a blast decorating it with all the Christmas things! Since our Polar Express trip we have been driving around with the reindeer antlers {see shadow above} and Rudolph nose. I love how happy it makes little kids every where we go. They smile and point and yell "there's Rudolph". Especially at Mason's school! We also have light up Christmas lights hanging from the rear-view mirror and tinsel around the steps and antenna! Oh, and a light-up Christmas wreath on the rear spare tire! So festive, I tell you. And my little Christmas loving heart couldn't be more full. Anyhow, just wanted to share some pictures of the Jeepin' Good Christmas season we've had!

The day we had little snow flurries! If you look closely you can see them! This is snow in Texas, folks!

I couldn't wait for the day we put a real Christmas tree on top of the Jeep!

Merry December, y'all!


  1. So fun! Why shouldn’t our vehicles also be decorated!?

  2. So cute! I remember when I showed Simon a car with antlers and he was like what are antlers? Are they a kind of bug?

  3. We're a Jeep family, so I'm pretty obsessed with yours!! Love the Rudolph look!!


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