{Little Letters // vol. 12}

Time for the Little Letters link-up with Kristin at Taz and Belly!!  I am a little {okay, a lot} late in posting this, but we've been so busy lately. But, I didn't want to miss a month, so better late than never. Right?? This is one of my favorite monthly link-ups that I always look forward to. And actually, every month I love this link-up a little more. To read my past Little Letters click H E R E. It feels so good to get these random little thoughts out of my mind each month! Here are my letters for this month...

Dear Jesus, I pray that You may be glorified in our season of waiting. Sanctify me and draw me closer to You. Help me to remember that it's not 'waiting' for you and that you are 'working'. May I fill the aching parts of my heart with prayer and faith in Your sovereignty. Amen.

Dear Friday, I'm so glad to see you! I have today off and the hubby and I are using the day to do some Christmas shopping. Hopefully the stores are not too bad!

Dear Hubby, I can't wait to spend the day with you even if it's only shopping!! It's been a while since we've had a day date and I am way too excited.

Dear Christmas shopping, get ready to be shown who is boss! ha. We have about 2% done, but that will all change today! I know we are a little late this year in our shopping, but I'm not stressed about it one bit. I know it will get done! See also, thank you Amazon Prime.

Dear Mason, I'm so proud of you for having a couple good weeks at school! And, I am so proud of your advancement on your iStation testing. I can't believe you are reading at a 7th grade level...in the 2nd grade! Way to go, buddy! Keep up the awesome work. Also, I am loving your new haircut! I'm so glad we ditched the hard-part. This hair cut suits you much better and it's so much easier in the mornings. #praisehands

Dear family photos, I am so impatiently waiting to see you! That session in front of the little turquoise and white camper was the perfect session for us. I hope we got some good shots out of it! And hope I can still get some Christmas cards ordered. If not, Happy New Year cards are a thing, right? No?

Dear Texas, what is up with this weather? You are all over the place. One day it's a high of 50 and the next it's 78. Bring on the cooler weather so that it will feel more like Christmas time, please. I even dare you to dump some snow on us. I triple dog dare you. 

Dear December, slowwwwwwww downnnnnnnnn please! I mean, 10 days until Christmas? How is that even so? I'm not ready to take down all of this Christmas decor and I'd like to enjoy the twinkle lights a little longer. So, if you could make those 10 days feel more like 25 I would appreciate it. Although, I'm not sure our Christmas tree we bought back in November is going to hold up that long. She's drooping something fierce. Sigh.

Dear Small Group, I can't wait to celebrate Christmas with you this evening! You all have been the biggest blessing to our little family. We couldn't ask for a better group of friends to call family and to do life with. Grateful for you guys! 

Dear Max, thank you so much for the joy you bring to Mason's life. He loves you something fierce and is always talking about you! Thank you for not getting too mischievous and instead encouraging good behavior, random acts of kindness and constantly reminding Mason that Jesus is the reason for the season. Also, thank you for making mornings easier!

Dear Bishop Arts District, why are you so cute? I don't miss having an office there, but it was great to visit and see all of the Christmas decor!

Dear Jeep upgrades, oh how I love you so! The lift, bigger tires and rock lights were such a fun addition and now you are even more fun to drive!! Next up is bumpers, a new tire carrier and flat fenders. It's a never ending project...

Dear Weekend, bring it on. Let's find some adventure, okay? Have a good one, friends!


  1. Crystal, I'm still praying for you every single day. Waiting is so so hard, and I pray every day that you guys don't have to wait much longer. Your unwavering faith during this time is so admirable. <3

  2. CJ kept asking for a hard part cut and I was like no way in Hell. That will be so hard for me to maintain since you know... I still do his hair :)

  3. Only 2% done!?! I would have a heart attack. Best of luck to you guys! You can do it!

  4. I hope you had an amazing, productive, fun day of shopping friend! We are all done over here and I am SO glad.

  5. New Years cards are totally a thing & something I want to do one of these years! Hope you had a great weekend!

  6. Such a fun linkup and fun to read! I hope you enjoyed your day date, got some shopping done and yay for having an awesome reader in your home :) xoxo ERIN

  7. Way to go on the reading, Mason! I wish December would slow down too! I'm going to be so sad when Christmas is over!


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