{First trail ride in the new Jeep}

Back in November when we camped in East Texas {Palestine/Rusk area} we took the Jeep on a few trail rides. It was our first time to actually take it off-road and we had a blast! The trails were nothing too strenuous and were marked trails. But, nonetheless we had an amazing time. This was also before we lifted the Jeep and put bigger tires on it. We are chomping at the bit to hit some more trails now that the upgrades have been done!!

There is just so much beauty to be seen when you get off the pavement! We crossed little bodies of water, bridges, railroad tracks and so much more. It was nice to escape and retreat in the pines. Mason opted to stay at the campsites with his Nana and Papa, so Nate and I had a few hours together. It was like a mini-date. We had good conversation and talked about our dreams and goals with the Jeep.

Most of the trails were pretty short, but we took a ton of them.

We are excited to share this experience with Mason soon!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!