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Happy Friday! We had a pretty good week. Nathan and Mason had a date night one evening at the new indoor trampoline park in town and I caught up on some shows I had recorded. Other than that, it was pretty low-key and relaxing. I'll take it. I'm ready for the weekend, but until then it's time for Five on Friday. Just a little bit of what we have been up to this week...

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Monday >  Weekend Wrap-up & 10 on the 10th
Tuesday > Currently
Wednesday > The Kids Behind the Blog
Thursday > One last summer hurrah to Beaver's Bend

{T W O} // PinkBlush

Last week for Five on Friday I mentioned that I won a gift card to PinkBlush from Desiree's blog. My shirts came in on Monday {talk about quick shipping!} and I love them!! If only the Texas heat would give us a break so that I can wear them. We're still in the upper 90s around here. Not good for my fall loving heart, I tell you. Anyhow, I can only find one of the shirts online now - the Black Ivory Striped Suede Elbow Patch Top. The elbow patches - swoon! The other shirt is a creamy mocha color with a gold sequined pocket and elbow patches. When I bought it online I didn't realize it had the elbow patches, but I love it.

{T H R E E} Homecoming Week!
It was homecoming week for Mason's school district. And with that they had themed dress up days each day this week. We had so much fun picking out things to wear each day. And it was a nice break to the uniforms they normally have to wear. Diesel joined Mason on Superhero Day!

{F O U R} // Boomerang
We have so much fun with this app!  I recently found Mason one of those $4.97 costumes at Walmart that I knew he would love. We usually end up getting several costumes each year because Mason loves to play in them. And then I try to snag some when they go on clearance after Halloween. Anyhow, Mason was playing in his costume the other day and was dancing to the TV so I started recording little videos.

Mason - Sept 2016 - new jailer costumer from Crystal Hall on Vimeo.

{F I V E} // This.

Happy weekend!


  1. I love our school spirit weeks. Zachary won't participate but my other kids do. That's hilarious that Diesel participated too though! Love the shirts you got as well! Happy weekend!

  2. What a great idea to buy clearance Halloween costumes to play dress-up with! I may have to try and snag a few this year! And I love that Mason's elementary school does HC week! It was our HC week, too, and I tried to follow the themes, but it's not easy at 29 weeks pregnant with a limited wardrobe! Still so much fun for the kids and something out of the ordinary! LOVE your PB tops!!!!!!

  3. Our homecoming week is this next week! So fun!!

  4. oh my goodness that video of Mason, I just love it so much! We do the same thing with costumes, we have so many!

  5. Homecoming week is going to be so much fun! Ours is next week! I can't wait!

  6. Oh I just love those tops you got! The best. I hope you guys have the best weekend!! Yay for the weekend!!!

  7. How awesome that you won a giveaway!! That's the best, isn't it?! Cute pics you made too!

  8. Homecoming Week is the best!! I love the daily themes. The shirts you picked out are amazing!! Can't wait to see you wear them.

  9. What a fun spirit week! Noah definitely would have picked camo too! And catching up on tv shows sounds like a perfect night!

  10. So I clearly need to check out boomerang. I am also loving the tops that you picked out. So fun to add some new pieces before a new season. Hope you are having an awesome weekend.

  11. The daily themes for Homecoming week are so fun! Glad Mason participated!

    I love the shirts you picked out! I've always wanted to order from there, but haven't done it yet. I love the striped top with the elbow patches!

  12. LOVE the new shirts you got from Pink Blush! I as browsing their site and found SO many cute things! I had no clue that they had regular clothes until Desiree mentioned it so now I have to get to shopping!

  13. Mason is just too much fun. I mean -- he is such a boy and I can relate to your relationship with him in so many ways.

  14. I love Homecoming week but ours isn't for another month yet. It's always fun to see what things they have the classes doing. :)

  15. WOOHOO!! You items came SO fast!! They look so pretty! I hope it cools down for you so you can wear them soon.
    Spirit week was one of my favorites while in school. So fun that Diesel got to join in the festivities!


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