{My boy right now}

There are so many things I want to remember about my sweet boy right now. If there is one thing I've learned it's that time is definitely not on our side. These precious moments are fleeting. I wish that I could bottle up every ounce of Mason right now to have during his teenage years. But since I can't, this blog will have to do. Below is just a random list of things I want to remember about Mason at this age.

Mason Lane - 6 years, 4 months

- How his freckles sweep across his cheeks, nose and forehead. And how they really come out and show during the summer months,

- His cowlick and how it has a mind of it's own! No matter what style of haircut we get it ends up doing whatever it wants. I love it, though! So many people (salons, dentists, etc) actually remember him because of his cowlick.

- How incredibly different he looks without his glasses. I have gotten so used to them over the last 2 years that anytime he doesn't wear them I find myself just staring at him. I think he's adorable with and without them. I also want to note that he completely customized his glasses this year. He is complimented on them everywhere we go and I can tell it makes him feel so proud.

- Up until recently {when the dentist confirmed what mama had been telling him all along} he thought he had lost a tooth between his top front teeth because of the gap between them. I had this same gap when I was a kid!

- He will pick up any creepy crawly thing and isn't scared of animals or snakes, but he's afraid to go to the bathroom or his bedroom alone. I don't get it.

- He cannot walk from one side of the room to the other without doing some sort of karate. His arms and legs are always moving. And his kicks are getting so much higher!

- When I tell him to do something he miraculously turns into a sloth. It's equal parts cute and annoying.

- He does not meet a stranger. Like at all. We have to have the 'stranger danger' talk quite often because he is too friendly. I love that he is six years old and can carry on a conversation better than most adults, but it terrifies me that he will just walk up and talk to anyone.

- He loves Jesus and loves our church. On the way to church last Sunday he told me, "Mama, our church is the heart of God!"Sweet, sweet boy! I also want to note how much he loves the people at our church. He has several buddies (elders of our church) and they come and visit with him every Sunday morning. He passes out hugs like candy.

- He is obsessed with Legos. They're taking over our house! And here recently he has gotten really good at creating his own masterpieces. He will sit for a good amount of time and just build Legos. This is big for him because his ADHD normally doesn't allow him to sit for long.

- He is doing so good in school! Well, when he slows down and really focuses on his papers. He's one of those really smart kids that does not want to do the work. He just 'knows' it and that's good enough for him. His reading level has taken off again! He ended Kindergarten on a level 14/15. They tested him at the beginning of this year and moved him up to a level 18. We are now 5 weeks into first grade and he's bringing home level 24 & 25 books. He amazes me!

- He has just recently gotten into playing card and board games as a family. Again, a big milestone because of the sitting still.

- He wants to go to OU because it's in Oklahoma. And because Beaver's Bend is in Oklahoma and he'd be able to go there any time he wants.

Oh my sweet boy! I just love him so much and can't get enough of his kind and gentle little soul. He makes me a better person and fills my heart with so much joy. Being a mama is the biggest blessing I have ever received and I will never take this opportunity for granted!


  1. He is growing so quickly. I don't like it one bit. Mostly because it's a reminder that Connor too is growing and one day will be as big as Mason.

  2. Oh so many of these things I just LOVE. Henry has a cowlick in the front, too!

  3. What a sweet boy!!
    His freckles are the best. And woohoo for doing so well in school!!
    I can totally relate to the sloth! The same exact thing happens in our house!

  4. He's adorable! You're right about time not being on our side! As much as I can't wait for my kids to be a bit older so we can play board games & cards together, I know I need to cherish every moment in the season we're in now.

  5. He is seriously the sweetest boy! I love that he has a cowlick too, though Noah's can get a little annoying when styling his hair! And isn't it great that he looks just as cute in his glasses as without!?!

  6. Such a sweet, sweet boy! Love it all!

  7. Such a great compilation of memories. I feel like I got a great little glimpse into Mason after reading this. Such a sweet boy :)

  8. What a sweet, sweet boy. Yay for doing well in school! Must make you so proud and happy that he is doing so well!

  9. Awh what a great kid! It's so important to me to write down thoughts like these! They slip away and are too easily forgotten!

  10. What a sweet and handsome boy you have! He's growing up was too quickly though, which means mine are too, so tell him to stop. :) Yay for loving Legos and being able to sit for a while. That's so great. And he's such a reading rockstar.

  11. Ahhhhh! I breathed a good sigh with this post. I can echo your thoughts and feelings for my boys. Time is such a precious commodity, a really precious one that we never can quite grasp. And this, is one reason I love blogging as well! :)

  12. He seems like such a sweetie! I love that he enjoys reading. So important!Evelina @ Fortunate House

  13. I just love hearing about him and how well he's doing, especially in school!!! He seems like SUCH a sweet, loving boy!

  14. Mason is one of my favorite little boys and I don't even actually know him. I am still cracking up over the snap he sent me the other day. It was adorable. He is welcome to snap me anytime he likes :). I completely can identify with the glasses thing too. It has only been months and it seems so weird already with Em.


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