{Five on Friday // Karate, Fall, Lobsters}

Happy Friday! So glad it's almost the weekend. I have been so sick with allergies this week and I am just over it. While I am still not feeling well, I am ready to get the Labor day weekend started. It's one of my favorite weekends of the year because we travel to the hill country for some camping in Mason, TX. This is the same place that we also visit at Memorial Day! We always have the best time and my boy can run around and just be a boy. Mason, TX will forever hold a special place in my heart. Counting down the minutes until 4:00pm so we can get on the road! Until then, a little Five on Friday and what we've been up to this week.

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{T W O} // Mason worked on self-defense quite a bit this week at karate. I love to watch him! Do you hear those loud kiyah's coming out of my sweet little boy? He's awesome.

Karate - 8-23-2016 from Crystal Hall on Vimeo.

{T H R E E} // My sister sent this to me the other day on Facebook! If you don't know what this is from then I don't think we can be Friends {hint hint} anymore. Ha! Just kidding! But it's one of my favorite episodes and Nathan and I have called each other Lobster since we saw it! I think we need these...

{F O U R} // This kid.

Some days you come home from school, put on your jailer costume and have a snack on the couch...

And some days you come home from school, strip down to your undies and play a little guitar on the couch...

Goodness gracious, I love him.

{F I V E} // Bring on FALL!!!!!!!

The other day I was doing some cleaning around the house and swapped some things out. The pumpkin waffles candle I bought last week made me do it...

I am so ready for all things fall. I mean, since school forced me out of summer and all. ;) But really, fall is forever my favorite time of year. I know that technically the first day of fall isn't until Sept 22nd, but for me it starts on September 1st. Bring on the PSL's!!!

{Bonus} // Shutterfly and a sweet boy.

After a friend had posted that Shutterfly was giving away free prints through their app only I downloaded it. I ordered a ton of prints and only paid shipping! Score. They offer so many great and free things on the app all the time. I am loving it. I am usually so bad about getting things printed. I know it's not amazing quality, but it's better than just sitting on my computer. Anyhow, Sunday morning before church started Mason was looking through them and I noticed he kept two in his hands and put the others back. He said that he wanted to take them to children's church with him. When I asked him why these two he says, "to show everyone what a great trip we had and how much I love my mom and dad." He melts me every single day!

What do you have planned for the Labor day weekend?


  1. Mason cracks me up with his after school antics. Such a silly boy! I love your fall decorations! So pretty! I want to make a table centerpiece like you have.

  2. Happy Friday! I love your new profile picture!

    Those coffee mugs are fabulous! I need those!

  3. Ohhh, the lobsters :) At first I thought Grey's Anatomy, but nope! Friends! Too cute. Loving the fall decor, too!

  4. Mason is so cute! I hope you have a great time camping!

  5. I totally need to check out the shutterfly app. I'm terrible at printing pics! I love all your fall touches! I need to do that.

  6. STOP IT WITH THE LOBSTER MUGS!!!! I need those STAT! I am a DIE HARD Friends fan and I've literally seen every episode dozens of times, like to the point where I can pretty much recite huge chunks of each episode. It's a sickness. Lol.

    And fun fact, my cousin married Matthew Perry's sister two years ago and I went to Cali for the wedding and we got to meet him. I almost died. I am such a dork.

  7. Love the jail or costume! Haha sometimes it's necessary! Enjoy your holiday weekend!

  8. Hahaha! Oh Mason, I love that! He's either in a jail break outfit or totally naked. So sweet! He's got quite the personality :)
    Hope you guys have the best time this weekend in the best named city in Texas! ;)

  9. The Fall scented candles are always what suck me in first too!

  10. Jailer costume and skivvies - bahaha!
    Those fall scents are swoon-worthy. I just wish our temps would dip a bit lower so it feels more like fall and less like summer.
    Hope you're having the best time this weekend!!

  11. Those mugs are adorable! I wonder how cool Nate would feel drinking from one? ;)

  12. Oh friend sorry to hear about the allergies. Whatever is driving you crazy must have blown this week because come Friday my allergies hit me hard too :(. UGH! Please, please tell me you are feeling better by now. I really hope this doesn't last too long.

  13. The photos of Mason after school are the best! He cracks me up! And I love Friends... Even though I've seen every episode multiple times, I still love watching reruns whenever it's on!

  14. Pumpkin waffles...yum!! I can smell that candle from here! Mason is just too precious! haha!

  15. Do you like that scent?? I can NEVER decide which one to get!

  16. Friends is one of the best shows! Love those mugs!!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!