{August in Numbers}

 photo august 16_zps8hsvgk7q.png

The number of karate classes Mason went to. His level is offered 4 times a week and if it were up to Mason we would go to them all. We try to make at least 3 of them. We don't want him to get burned out on it. And now that school is back in session we are taking it one day at a time.

Number of blogs posted this month.

Drafts I have typed up and ready! Thanks Stephanie for inspiring me to get ahead!

Number of photos that I posted on the Gram this month.

Complete books of the Magic Treehouse series read.

Other books besides Magic Treehouse books that were read.

Dentist appointments Mason went to this month.

Family get togethers this month. 1 birthday party, 1 baby shower.

Days I had to cover for my co-worker this month.

Movie dates Mason had with his Nana. They saw The Secret Life of Pets and Ghostbusters.

Family Adventures!

Our Lodge Room number when we went to Beaver's Bend for a weekend getaway!

The temperature {in degrees} of the swimming hole at Beaver's Bend. 

Best money spent in a long while. It cost us twenty-three dollars to rent a canoe at Beaver's Bend and we had so much freakin' fun!

Times visiting our favorite snowcone stand, Ozzy's.

Spirit shirts bought for Mason. Now that they are part of their uniform we are trying to get as many as we can!!

Minutes I had to wait to get Mason from school on the first day! I got there at 2:40, the bell rang at 3:10 and he wasn't in my car until 3:45. It was the first day, none of us had car tags yet and it was pouring rain! Crazy!

Minutes I had to wait to get Mason from school on the 2nd day. I got there at 2:20, bell rang at 3:10 and he was in my car at 3:14. Much better than day 1.

Days of the new school year in the books!

How does your August look in numbers?


  1. First off hello beautiful I am LOVING that new head shot. That is actually one of my goals for the month. Wahoo for getting posts drafted too. I am just like Stephanie in that regard. I am always working ahead as much as I can. Looks like you had an amazing August!

  2. I accidentally read that you had 266 family adventures this month. Sure seemed like it! I would not want to wait that long for pick up, wow! My kids get out at 3:40. I got there at 3:35 and had them in the car by 3:50 or so, I think! I usually don't do pick up and our school is small!

  3. You make me proud with your post scheduled and planned. I am good to go from now until September 14th! Just makes things so much easier being ahead of the game.

  4. You are so awesome with your post planned and written already. I need some of that inspiration. I can not get motivated at all.

    It sounds like y'all have had a lot of fun adventures this month. I'm so glad that school is going so well and Mason is loving karate!

  5. Holy MOLY, Crystal, I can't believe that you have that many blog posts prepped and ready to go!! I wish I had the time to do that. I literally type each of mine the night before I post. I wish I could get ahead of the game, but I just don't have time. That is impressive!

  6. Wow 21 posts scheduled, you are my blogging goddess :) I need to get on top of that too! What a great month, and Baby Fox is just getting into Karate...so we'll see where it goes :)

  7. WHAT?! Im completely shocked you had to wait that long at pick up! And also thankful for how quick it is getting Kinsey lol. Love the new profile picture :)

  8. My goodness seeing it all types out like that. Seems a bit overwhelming!

  9. 21 posts drafted is impressive! While I have my calendar scheduled out, I don't have nearly enough drafts actually written! And while I don't plan to send Noah on the bus and look forward to driving him, I'm not looking forward to the long wait in line!

  10. I love your new photo!!!! Beautiful! You guys had one heck of a month. I'm impressed.

  11. That is crazy that it took so long to get Mason on the first day! What a fun month!!

  12. Ooh, what other chapter books are you reading besides magic treehouse?!

  13. These are among my favorite posts! I just wish I would remember to do them myself.
    I'm pretty sure if we had a snowcone place near us our tally would be MUCH higher than 9.
    And, holy buckets, your first day of school pick up was crazytown!!

  14. Yup, also love the new head shot!! Thanks for linking up!

  15. Oh my gosh, that's amazing that you have so many blog drafts ready to go. That's my goal. You and Stephanie have inspired me!


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