{He said what??}

One morning we went to take Diesel out to go potty. Mason turns to me and in the sweetest voice says...
Mom, I just love our home. I never knew we'd have a porch like this or a backdoor like that.
Playing with Lego's in my office...
You don't wanna get mixed up with a guy like me. I'm a rebel,
We took a little weekend getaway to Beaver's Bend and while there we went on the Duck Tour. Two teenage twin girls sat behind us and they struck up a conversation with Mason and I. At one point I asked them if they were camping or staying in a cabin. Mason turns around and says to them...
We're staying at the Lodge. We're in room 266 if you'd like to come and visit us.
Mason had been watching Richie Rich and on the show he has a robot that is a maid. She always tells him "Right away Master Richie". So, Mason thought he'd talk like the robot...only I couldn't get him to do the maid duties!!
Right away Master Mom.
Mason was playing and I heard him singing so I stopped to listen...
In the morning when I rise give me Jesus. Well, give me Jesus all the time. I mean, I don't want to be greedy, but give me Jesus.
 Singing once again...
On the last day of Christmas my tulip sent to me..
One afternoon Mason was laying on the couch requesting one thing after another, but only after I had just sat down from the other thing. I must have sighed....
Mom, I don't think you appreciate my laziness.
Playing with Legos...
Of course I didn't say a bad word. I follow Jesus.
Talking to his Karate instructor before class one day...
Mr. Hodge I really needed to do some karate on a kid today, but I didn't. I told the teacher instead like you said.


  1. Baha ha! Oh Mason you are just the sweetest. I love how his personality just shines friend. He is simply just the best.

  2. Oh these crack me up! My tulip?! and Master Mom! Funny Mason!

  3. oh goodness...particularly the Master Mom, that's right Mason! Hehe...I love when you do these, I always forget to write down the funny things my kids say.

  4. These are hilarious! I laughed out loud that he gave the twin girls his room number. Did his Dad high five him for that? Ha!
    I love your new profile picture. So pretty! Hope you're having a great week!

  5. Aw, he is so cute! I love when Simon sings with mixed up words too.

  6. That karate one is HILARIOUS!!!! I think that is my favorite Mason quote ever!

  7. Oh my goodness! He's so hilarious and such a sweet heart. "Give me Jesus all the time. I don't mean to be greedy." And On the last day of Christmas my tulip gave to me! I think my favorite one was him giving the teeanagers your room number. Hahahaha!!!!

  8. Mason is SO funny! What a sweet little ham!

  9. LOL! He is hilarious.
    My tulip - Bahahaha!
    Of course I didn't say a bad word. I follow Jesus. - Oh my gosh, I'm dying!

  10. Ha ha! What a silly boy! My tulip! Love it!!! He is such a sweetheart. I just love him. I have a similar post coming out tomorrow with Cam. These boys just melt me.

  11. Gosh, he is truly the sweetest, most sincere boy. Ever. Love it!

  12. Haha! This is hilarious! I especially loved the story about karate and his laziness! :)

  13. I don't think you appreciate my laziness!! HAHA. Oh sweet Mason. These are too funny!

  14. Oh my goodness kids just say the funniest things! Love it! Such a ball of personality!!

  15. I follow Jesus... of course .. you'd never do anything wrong, sweet guy! He is too funny!

  16. I don't think you appreciate my laziness... hahahaha! He is too cute!

  17. Mason is the cutest! And such a rebel I'm sure ;). And I love how you did the quotes! Is that a special plug in or something???

  18. Lady you know I LOVE these! haha!! All of them, so so good!


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